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Have your multi-media content reach global markets with ME Localize native voice talents

Voice recording has emerged as a significant industry that has been of a great benefit to many other industries such as advertisement, animation and telecommunication. While unprofessional low-quality voice-over is likely to create a negative impression of your service or product, catchy and pleasant voice-over largely contributes to the success of your business. That is why you need a well-trained vocal talent that appeals to your most valuable audience.

Pick a Talent

We know that choosing a voice-over talent is not as simple as it looks, for there are many things to be considered such as what the nature of content is, who is meant to see the video and how the vocal talent should approach the audience. Instead of simply reading the script, the voice talent can effectively convey the message in a variety of ways depending on the tone set. A good voice actor with ability to speak in multiple tones of voice can play the role of announcer, narrator, instructor, friend, etc.

Voice Talent Database

We help you choose the right voice-over for your video or audio script from our large database of professional voice actors with high command of voice-over techniques. We have a wide range of voice artists including male and female talents capable of acting all age groups. We employ only native speaking voice actors who can provide an authentic accent in the target dialect. Our versatile voice-over actors can perform several accents and play multiple roles in one script.

Voice-over For All Your Needs

ME Localize provides voice-over services for advertisements, documentaries, presentation, instructions, narration, animation, video games, audio books, training materials, e-learning, phone systems, voicemail, internet videos, and more. All voice-overs are carried out in a professional studio equipped with cutting-edge sound processors and powered by high professional sound engineers so as to record and produce a breathtaking voice over.

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