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Transcreation Services

Go far beyond just translation and convey your message in a creative marketing style

Transcreation is the process of adapting a brand message from one language to another, maintaining the context, tone, style and intent. Transcreation is a key part of a global marketing strategy because people like to be spoken to in their own language. If you are prepared to reach out to new markets with a multilingual marketing campaign, you will benefit from our professional Transcreation Services.

Translation Vs. Transcreation

A quite clear distinction should be made between ordinary translation and creative stylistic transcreation. While translation is the process of converting text from a source language to a target language, transcreation involves translation, adaptation and modification of text to create an emotional experience and connection with a very specific target audience. Another main difference is that translation can deal with any type of content including fields of specialization where accurate and identical translation is a must such as technical, medical and legal texts. However, transcreation is especially needed in certain fields like marketing, advertising and adaptation where the core message can be kept the same but conveyed differently. Moreover, translation is carried out by linguists whose main concern is the linguistic aspect. On the other hand, transcreation specialists combine linguistic knowledge with experience in marketing and copywriting. They are native speakers and locals who have a deep understanding of cultural norms.

Creative Translation Approach

A leading linguistic agency with years of hands-on experience in the localization industry, ME Localize helps you adapt your product or service, ensuring that the core of your message is creatively conveyed. Our expert transcreation specialists have deep linguistic knowledge and full awareness of the needs of your specific target market. We ensure that your content is professionally and creatively localized in the most appealing look and feel.

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