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Trust your publications into the hands of ME Localize professional DTP specialists empowered by cutting-edge technology

Localization into Middle Eastern languages has much to do with the final layout of content. All graphic elements need to be culturally appropriate and appealing in the meantime, for colors and shapes may mean different things in the local culture. Orientation of texts and objects is another concern. Unlike most of Germanic languages, Middle Eastern languages are right to left in orientation. Translating a publication into such languages means a whole redesign needs to take place.

Professional In-house Team

After years of working in collaboration with western DTP specialists, ME Localize has found that it would be more effective if bi-directional and RTL texts are handled by its own DTP team to save rework time and money. The native DTP specialist has full knowledge of regional norms and standards, such as text orientation, font appropriateness, date, time and number formats and other unique characteristics of the language that is typeset.

DTP Quality Assurance

ME Localize applies strict and picky proofreading rules and QA checklists to ensure an accurate layout, content formatting and style of fonts, paragraphs, images, and objects. An important role, following document conversion, graphic localization, postscript and pdf creation, is the QA and proofreading of final pdf output, making sure that the layout and content are properly displayed in accordance with the standards of the target locale.

Top-notch Tools

Our DTP specialists have been able to produce eye-catching brochures, manuals, posts, user guides, books, pamphlets, …etc., using a wide range of up-to-date versions of CAD tools; such as Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Interleaf, Photoshop, MS Office, and MS Publisher.

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