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The need for translation subtitling has been an increasing demand because it has benefits for both who posts the video and who watches it. Subtitling is of a great importance for businesses aiming to achieve global expansion by increasing the number of views and improving SEO. Also, social media users are more than interested in subtitling so that their videos reach a global audience. As for non-native speakers, they are now allowed to watch videos in languages other than theirs. Moreover, subtitling has made it possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to watch multimedia contents so that they have the opportunity to understand and interact with what is being said.

How it works?

Subtitling can be done once the script is ready. A professional translation subtitler starts translation of content, taking into account the number of characters in each sentence. This often means the speech has to be compressed. Thus, it requires a skilled translator to efficiently produce a concise translation without any loss of meaning. The translation process passes to revision and proofreading, the two essential steps to ensure an accurate, appropriate and error-free output.

Subtitling Challenges

However, subtitling is more than just translation; that is to say, the translated version should meet the requirements of subtitling. The first and most important of these requirements is the time coding which means the setting of start and end time for each subtitle, making sure that each subtitle disappears before the following one appears. This is usually determined by going through the video frame by frame through a subtitling software. Other things to be considered include reading speed, character-per-line limit, position, font and size of subtitles. Once everything is set, an on-screen proofreading is done to ensure that the text is accurately aligned with the audio, and that the subtitles appear at their best form and highest quality.

Professional Subtitling Team

Me Localize dedicated subtitling team consists of experienced subtitlers who combine linguistic knowledge with well understanding of the complexities of using subtitling software. We help enterprises and social media users by offering high-quality translation subtitling services that efficiently meet the market requirements.

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