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Localization is not just about language translation. It is the process of adjusting information to the context of your target audience, capturing the regional specifics of the language, its grammar, spelling, idiosyncrasies, and humour. The goal is to deliver an end result that looks and feels as if it was created by a native speaker of the target language, and connects with the target audience on every level.


Localization Challenges

Language difference is the main challenge you face in reaching for new markets. When instructions, promotions and advertising materials of a product or service are simply translated into another language, the tone of writing may change and the essence of text may get lost, resulting in a less appealing or inappropriate content. However, we help you transcend the language barriers by following a localization process that goes beyond translation. We ensure that your content is culturally adapted and localized to the target local market, maintaining the same emotional effect of the original text. This may require the localization of names, places, measures, currencies and all what it takes to fit to the target market.

Comprehensive Localization Service

Throughout years of hands-on experience in the localization industry, ME Localize has been able to bridge the gap between producers and consumers in different parts of the world by efficiently providing comprehensive and multidimensional localization services. ME Localize team consists of a large number of professional localizers including linguists, cultural adaptation specialists, project managers, localization engineers, desktop publishing specialists and QA testers.

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