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Transcription Service

Achieve accurate, clear and 100% word-matching results with ME Localize audio and video transcription service

Transcription is of a high importance to people dealing with long hours of audio and video particularly students, journalists and lawyers. We help them get a high-quality written script through our transcription services for lectures, hearings, training sessions, interviews and all kinds of events. Having your audio/video transcribed will help you get to the information you need directly and quickly so that you save the time and effort lost in going through a whole episode or lecture. In addition, transcription is the base of any multimedia translation method. Any audio or video content needs to be transcribed before doing any translation, subtitling or voice over. Therefore, high focus, quality and speed are required.

Human-generated Transcription

While most current tools fail to provide accurate transcription for real-world audios with multiple speakers, human-generated transcription exceeds in terms of accuracy and overall quality. We fully depend on native human transcribers with high rates of quality and productivity. ME Localize transcription team consists of professional transcribers, proofreaders and audio specialists with capacity to handle large numbers of audio/video hours within reasonable time, while maintaining a high level of accuracy, quality and confidentiality. Our objective is to help you get the most out of your audio/video file by a script that gives you 100% accurate information, containing no spelling or grammatical errors.

Optimum Quality Transcription

To ensure the highest quality of final output, each transcription project passes through a strict quality process. First, audio files are divided into sections and transcribed by professional transcribers. This phase often includes searching for proper nouns mentioned in the audio to ensure the correct spelling of names of people and places. Second, transcription is revised and edited by a senior transcriber who makes sure the information is accurate, instructions are followed, no omission or addition to the utterances, and no overlapping between the sentences said by each speaker. Finally, a QA check is applied to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

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