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MT Post-editing Service

Meet the demands of rapid-changing market requirements with ME Localize human post-editing service

A very promising field of translation, machine translation post-editing has come to revolutionize the whole translation industry that applies old, costly and time-consuming traditional means. Machine translation, or the recently-launched neural machine translation, enables you to cope with today’s increasing needs for translation, saving your valuable time and effort. Thanks to MT new technologies, it has become possible to handle large volumes of content in a very short time, from and into all languages, and most importantly, at a low cost.

The Need for Human Post-editing

Though becoming widely used, machine translation cannot replace human one. An automatically produced translation lacks many things. For example, terminology is not likely to be accurate, the message might not be comprehensible and the style can never be as good as that of a native human translator. Therefore, the need for a collaborative translation service that combines advantages of both human and machine translation is rising. To reach a quality level that is similar to human translation, full post-editing is required to ensure that terminology is consistent, information is accurate, message is comprehensible, grammar and syntax are good, spelling and punctuation are correct, style is appropriate and overall translation is good.

Effective Post-editing Service

ME Localize machine translation post-editing service ensures that you get a cost and time effective translation with the same expected quality of human translation. Making use of the raw MT output, our well-trained post-editors correct, edit and modify pre-translated texts. This includes making sure that no information has been added or omitted, editing culturally inappropriate or unacceptable content, and keeping DNT “Do Not Translate” terms untouched.

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